Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Semi and the Cherry King

Semi was a small girl. She lived in a village near Pondicherry. She liked cherries very much. She wanted to eat cherry always. One day when she was playing in her garded, she saw a cherry plant. She was veery happy.

She thought, "Oh! I have a cherry plant and so I can eat cherry daily". So, she started to eat the cherries. This plant really belonged to the cheery king and there was a problem in his Kingdom. He and his subjects believed that only the magical Cherry Princess could save them.

The problem was that at daytime, stones were falling into their Kingdom. It hurt he people. The King wanted to find the Princess. So, when he saw Semi he thought "May be she is the Princess. Let me test her". So he went and talked to her about his Kingdom, him, the Princess and his problems.

Semi asked the King what she should do. The King said, "Go inside the woods. You will find a cherry plant. In that, choose the ripest cherry and bring it to me". Saying this he disappeared.

She followed the instructions and brought the ripest cherry. When the cherry king saw the cherry, he asked Semi to eat it. When she ate it she began to shrink. She was turning into the cherry Princess. She wanted to find out who was throwing the stomes.

At daytime, she was out of the bush and was sitting in the sand so that she could see who was throwing the stomes. After sometime a boy was standing near the bush. It was Semi's younger brother, Martin, He was the one who was throwing the stones while playing.

She went to the cherry King and said what she saw. She asked him to turn her inti her normal size so that she could help. So King changed her into a girl. Then she asked her brother not to throw stones.

The kingdom was saved. The King thanked Semi and said that she could visit anytime she wanted to. As a gift, he gave her a bowl and said , "When you say "Start", cherries will start coming and when you say "stop" it will stop. Semi thanked the King and went home happily.

Princess Elena meets a kind woman - Chapter 4

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Fifteen years passed happily without any trouble. The pricess was very beautiful. One day when the Princess went to her Friend's party, the King and Queen were at the palace, Rexona appeared before them and said, "oh! Foolish Queen, you didn;t even realize that I am the one who is trying to kill your child. If your child had gone to the GodMother's cottage she must have realized her powers and would have killed me. But, you stopped her from doing so. Thank you. Now I am going to capture you and soon I will kill her and rule over the world. Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha! She took hold of them and disappeared.

Everyone in the castle disappeared except a servant who had gone to collect berries. When Princess Elena came back, she was surprised to see that none were there except the servant. The servant told Elena what had happened. Elena did not say a word and started to search for Rexona hastily.

She started running towards the dark Forest. While going she saw a small cottage. She was very tired and decided to rest for a while in the cottage. She knocked the door and out came an old lady carrying a broomstick. She was very worried but the moment she saw Elena she was happy. She fed Elena and made her a comfortable bed and was very kind to her.

In the morning , Elena said that she is leaving. The woman said, "If you want to destroy Rexona you need my help. Just think of me and I will be there". She went inside her cottage.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Princess Elena (Chapter 3 - The Broken Promise)

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Thinking about what Rexona told, the queen forgot her promise made to the GodMother. She cannot be without her child for a day. At this time Rexona was haapy that her plan had been successful. Meanwhile the GodMother was getting ready to take Elena to her cottage.

The GodMother asked the Queen, if she can take Elena now.The Queen answered, "Dear Fairy GodMother, I want her to stay with me. She has to live in a palace only. Please donot take her". The GodMother did not say a word and left the palace hurted.

While the party was done, Rexona again appeared before the Queen and said, "Oh! So you believed me. Thank you Queen" and she again vanished.

Princess Elena (Chapter 2 - Elena's Birth)

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The queen drinks the tonic and gives birth to girl child. Since she was born in Excelena. she was named Elena. Elena was a very intelligent and playful girl. She loved playing with water. She was only a year old, but was very clever.

On her first birthday, the GodMother came to take Elena to her cottage. At that time Rexona appeared before the Queen. Rexona knew that Elena had powers and she is only going to kill her. The GodMother can make her realize her powers at the right time.

Rexoa said to the queen, "My dear queen, your child is very cute and she is also a Princess. How can you send her to a GodMother who lives in a cottage? You keep her with you Queen". Saying so, she vanishes.The Queen gets very confused

Princess Elena (Chapter I - The Tonic)

In a far away land named Exelena there lived a king and a queen. They lived happily since they had all they wanted. But, their only worry was that they did not have a child. So, they decided to visit their Kingdom's fairy GodMother.

The fairy GodMother said, "I will give you a tonic. If you drink it you will get a baby girl. But, till she is 12 she has to be with me. The King and the Queen agreed. "As you have to enjoy your kid, she can be with you for a year. Then I will take her with me".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Reena and the tigress

Once in India there lived a girl called Reena. She was very intelligent and kind. She liked helping people and also adventures. She daily used to go to meet her friend in the woods.

"Hai Friends", I am Reena. Do you know that I have a friend tigress? Her name is Leela. Do you know how I met her? What? You don't know!!! Let me tell you the story.

"One day I was going to the woods to get some firewood. When I was at the middle of the wood I heard someone crying. When I was at the middle of the wood I heard someone crying. When I went towards that direction I saw a tiger cub crying. It was lost.

I was sad for the cub. My parents won't let me keep it. So with the woods I have collected I made a shelter for it. I was happy then. I called the cub Leela. I said to her that I will meet her daily. She grew into a Tigress soon. After 6 months when I was going to see Leela, I heard some men talking about hunting tigers. They were from England.

When I heard them, I wanted to warn Leela. I went and said to Leela what I heard. But what could Leela do?She can't run through the country to anyother country. So it was up to me. I saw the men laying a trap. I soon understood how the trap works. They dug a pit, then put a cage into it and covered it with leaves and sand. They kept a rabbit on top of it so that when a tiger comes to eat the rabbit it would fall into it.

I had an idea. I found Leela and told her to act as if she was caught by me. We went to the place where the trap was laid. At the end of the trap I stood and Leela acted as I told her to. Then I called out "Uncle, I have caught a tiger". The hunters were so excited that they didn't notice the trap. They fell into it. I asked then "Will you ever hurt any animal". They replied "no" I helped them out and they went back to England promisisng me that they will never hurt any animal"

This is how I got a friend. Oh!!! It is late. I have to go and meet Leela. Bye!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ms Lily's son

This is a song written by me and Sanjana akka

Ms Lily had a baby
His name was Tiny Tin
She put him in a bucket
To see what he could do...

He ate up all the soap
And he drank up all the water
He tried to eat the bucket
But he couldn't do so....

Ms Lily called the Doctor
With the Nurse
And she called the Lady
With the Alligator purse...

In came the Doctor
With the Nurse
And came the Lady
With the Alligator purse...

"Feverish" said the Doctor
"Sinus" said the Nurse
"Tonsils" said the Lady
With the Alligator purse...

"Take care" said the Doctor
"See you" said the Nurse
"Bye Bye" said the Lady
With the Alligator purse...

Out went the Doctor
With the Nurse
And went the Lady
With the Alligator purse...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our GA

I have lots of things to share from new year, but not getting time. But, i have to tell about our GA. Each time we have GA (General Assembly) every class will have to do some performance on GA. This is from this year for our class. Already we had done a GA. I did a prayer song and a keyboard note on "We shall overcome..". Then came the fun. My friend was to sing the "I am a barbie girl..." song and she got nervous. She called out "Nanthini ... continue". God!! I had only been watching the rehearsal and I had to take over. I sang the song and it came out well. This GA, I told her to not be nervous, as I myself shall be dancing for her song.

On our G.A it was a great day. We parctised hard. Only some of them were in G.A but it was good. I was in all the programs except the gymnastic. I t was very hard work because we had to change dresses several times. In our GA we had a prayer song by ne and my friend. Next we had a Indian dance. It became a comedy as they forgot one stap and they sat in "araimandi" and in "mulumandi" like doing an excercise.

Then we had our gymnastic. Then we did our western dance. Everyone said they liked it. They all tried a step we had done , but they couldn't. I sang a barbie song. It took a little bit to change for western dance. We ended the program by singing a prayer song. Everyone said that our G.A was good. Some of the akkas said that it was impossible for them to change the dress so quick. I loved the G.A and the day. I wish I could have the same G.A day again.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The lion and the five friends

We had to write a story on "Unity is strength" in our school. I forgot the date and never thought about the story. Suddenly, yesterday it was the date to write and I wrote this story on the spot with title "Always together".

Once in a town named Rangapur five friends named Raj, Amar, Sam, Ram and Kumar lived. They were good hunters. Daily they would go to the dark forest for hunting. They would daily capture an animal or two and leave it in the zoo.

They wou each get 200 rupees. But they also wanted t make the people happy. So after their hunting they would gather in the royal stage and acta as clowns. Everyone in the town were happy until one day a lion escaped from the zoo. The lion would eat anyone who went across the forest.

The five friends saw that people were unhappy. They wanted to make them happy and anyway they were hunters. So they went to the forest to hunt the animal. They saw the lion resting in the cave. When it woke up it saw the hunters. It tried to attack them but they were fighting together. The lion was killed.

The friends went back to the town. They were happy as they have made the people happy. They continued their work of hunting and acting to make people happy. They received their reward of one thousand rupees and were very happy

The lost fairy

One day me, my sister and mu friend Nikitha were playing. My parents came and said that, "Children we are going to a function. You stay at home. Lock the door and be safe. Don't watch too much T.V. Instead clean your room", and they went.

It was boring to clean our rooms. So we started watching the T.V. It was 8:00 p.m and we were watching the show "Winx club" and to our surprise the fairy in the T.V came out. We were scared first, but then we became friends.

The fairy said that her name was Flora and she had come from the cloud kingdom. She begged us to take her there. But, we said that we don't have the power to fly. She gave us wings. We all went to the cloud kingdom. On ur way we found the bad fairy. We came to the cloud kingdom without her noticing us.

The fairies in cloud kingdom thanked us and as our reward the queen fairy gave us a power of cleaning for an hour. We went back home and used the power to clean our rooms and the house was clean. Then our parents came home and appreciated us for cleaning the rooms. But, who knows that we met a new friend and she helped us cleaning. We wished she could visit as again.

Note: There is no moral intended in the story. It is just for fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The three foolish friends

Let me tell you a story of three friends who met their end with their wish fulfilled.

Once upon a time, three friends named Bikku, Dikku and Tikku lived in a village. These men were foolish. They wanted to see a lion. So, they set out to the forest.

They did not know how to build a tent and so they hid behind a bush at night. The whole day , they searched the forest but could not find a lion. The next day when they went searching for a lion, they found one sleeping inside a cave.

They were so happy that they didn't even think a minute. They ran to the lion and woke it up. The lion was woken up. It was so angry that it ate them up and had a good meal.

That was the end of the three foolish friends but they were the first three to see a lion in their village.

Moral: Think before you leap