Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Princess Elena meets a kind woman - Chapter 4

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Fifteen years passed happily without any trouble. The pricess was very beautiful. One day when the Princess went to her Friend's party, the King and Queen were at the palace, Rexona appeared before them and said, "oh! Foolish Queen, you didn;t even realize that I am the one who is trying to kill your child. If your child had gone to the GodMother's cottage she must have realized her powers and would have killed me. But, you stopped her from doing so. Thank you. Now I am going to capture you and soon I will kill her and rule over the world. Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha! She took hold of them and disappeared.

Everyone in the castle disappeared except a servant who had gone to collect berries. When Princess Elena came back, she was surprised to see that none were there except the servant. The servant told Elena what had happened. Elena did not say a word and started to search for Rexona hastily.

She started running towards the dark Forest. While going she saw a small cottage. She was very tired and decided to rest for a while in the cottage. She knocked the door and out came an old lady carrying a broomstick. She was very worried but the moment she saw Elena she was happy. She fed Elena and made her a comfortable bed and was very kind to her.

In the morning , Elena said that she is leaving. The woman said, "If you want to destroy Rexona you need my help. Just think of me and I will be there". She went inside her cottage.

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