Monday, February 2, 2009

Our GA

I have lots of things to share from new year, but not getting time. But, i have to tell about our GA. Each time we have GA (General Assembly) every class will have to do some performance on GA. This is from this year for our class. Already we had done a GA. I did a prayer song and a keyboard note on "We shall overcome..". Then came the fun. My friend was to sing the "I am a barbie girl..." song and she got nervous. She called out "Nanthini ... continue". God!! I had only been watching the rehearsal and I had to take over. I sang the song and it came out well. This GA, I told her to not be nervous, as I myself shall be dancing for her song.

On our G.A it was a great day. We parctised hard. Only some of them were in G.A but it was good. I was in all the programs except the gymnastic. I t was very hard work because we had to change dresses several times. In our GA we had a prayer song by ne and my friend. Next we had a Indian dance. It became a comedy as they forgot one stap and they sat in "araimandi" and in "mulumandi" like doing an excercise.

Then we had our gymnastic. Then we did our western dance. Everyone said they liked it. They all tried a step we had done , but they couldn't. I sang a barbie song. It took a little bit to change for western dance. We ended the program by singing a prayer song. Everyone said that our G.A was good. Some of the akkas said that it was impossible for them to change the dress so quick. I loved the G.A and the day. I wish I could have the same G.A day again.


SK said...

Good work Nanthini. Keep it up.

SK said...

Next time (if possible) Please try finishing GA by National Anthem. It will be one good practice. Its just my opinion and request.

அமுதா said...

Thanks uncle for the suggestion. Next time I will take your suggestion and let you know