Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Journey matters

Sheela threw her tennis racket down in anger. She could not bear to lose a single match. Tears rushed down as she vowed, "No more sports!!! Never again in my life!!!".  "Oh! dear, take it easy", it was her mom. But she was not ready for her advice.  "My dear, winning is not everything... the journey is more important than destination". But, Sheela was already leaving the place. Her mom shrugged off murmuring "Time must make the things alright".

2 years later ......

"My fitness exam was rather easy, right"? Sheela asked Hema.

"What? Of course not.  Who knows what to do to keep fit? And who cares if I am fit?" Hema replied .

"Well I just wrote about the warm up exercises I do before playing tennis and you should care if you are  fit because it'll keep you healthy'

"Well, I guess you've found a use for things related to tennis other than your trophies huh?" asked Hema. Sheela simply nodded not quite able to believe it herself.

3 years later.....

'Hey we had an essay about sportsmanship.  How it’s not only about winning blah blah blah.  I just wrote what my mom keeps telling me when I lose. I don’t exactly believe it," Sheela  told Mercy.

"Well, why don’t you?" Mercy asked. "What good do you get out of any game except for winning?" Sheela asked.

"You do get a lot of friends due to you playing.  I won’t even know you if I hadn't come over to talk instead of just playing winning and going"

Maybe the essay I wrote was true....Sheela thought, but did not want to give it another thought.

5 years later......

That day she had been to her friend's club for a meet with chief guest Sachin. He gave a nice speech saying that rather than the wins it was the play and the people he met that he enjoyed. It was like an eye opener for Sheela. She wrote in her diary,

Dear diary,

Today I figured out what took me 10 years to figure out.  What I wish I had figured out earlier, what my mom kept saying (guess she is right about this..again).  Yes the journey is what matters, not whether you win or lose. What have I earned other than the trophies that just sit on the shelves doing nothing? Well,a lot, starting with sportsmanship, friend and a lot lot more.  I guess I knew this all along  but took me 10 years to accept.  So I officially accept today what I denied 10 years ago, what matters most in a game is the journey.

She kept the diary safe to be shown to her mom.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Elena started walking into the forest.She kept falling over,tripped by the looked like the trees were alive which they were .Not only could they prepare food and breathe(which all trees can)they could also move.They were the guards of rexona's palace.They started closing in on her.Even when cut,they grew again.Elena grew tired and the trees were starting to hurt her.She cried out for the old woman.Out of thin air,the woman appeared.With one  wave of her wand,she destroyed the trees.When elena asked who she was,she said,"your fairy god mother'.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sun

Every morning
When we get up
It starts pouring
Sunlight on us

It removes the darkness
And replaces the moon
Which gives me freshness
Till noon

Then it starts showing
Its anger on us
For Spoiling
Mother Nature

The Wind

SHUSH.... SHUSH...Blows the wind
Over the trees
Which shake with happiness
And gives a cool breeze

A mighty warrior
Or a bravery of nature
It dances around us in
Different postures

Who is intelligent?

Once in a kingdom called Sloshnia, there was a king. The king always wanted to keep quests to his subjects. One day he called his Minister and said, "Oh! I am very bored. I am going to keep you all a quest. You go and find 3 artists and bring them here." The Ministers brought back three artists.

The King said to them, "You have to draw on a topic. The best one will be given one thousand gold coins". The topic was "The Great". The artists started drawing. When they completed the king went and saw the paintings.

The first one had painted the King. The king asked "Why have you painted me?". The first artist said , "You are very clever and powerful. That is why I drew you". The king was pleased.

He looked at the second artists picture. He had drawn his Kingdom. The King asked him why je had painted that. The artist said , "With you wisdom you rule very will. The Kingdom has become great. That is why I drew it". The king was pleased.

He went to the third artist. It was blank. The king asked , "Why is it blank?". The artist answered, "Your majesty! Nothing is greater than God. He created us and he is everywhere". The King rewarded the third artist.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Golden Deer

Once there was a hunter. He went to he forest for hunting. One day he caught a golden deer. The deer said, "Oh! My dear hunter, please let me go. I will give you gold in return". The hunter said , "No need of you to give me gold. I am happy to free you".

After he had freed the deer, it took him to a cave. There were lots of gold there. The deer said, "You can take howmuch ever you want. But howmuch ever you take, the trace of me will go away!!!". The hunter was very kind. He took just the size of the tip of a needle. The deer said, "You are very kind and you can take all the gold". By this he became very rich.

His elder brother came to know of this. He caught the same deer and it took him to the cave. He took all the gold and said to the deer, "This is not enough. I am going to take you also". Thje deer said "Your are so rude. You will become a gold statue and be here for ever." He turned into gold and in my story he is still in the cave of gold.

Deer Deer
Won't you come here
And play with me
For a while
I will give you
Fruit and Vegetable too
That will make you

The haughty pea's story

Once there lived a pea. He used to tell a story to another pea and ask a riddle from the story. If they don't answer it, he would cut them with his sharp stem. None was able to answer him. He would tell a story to whoever is near him.

The peas had a meeting one day. They decided that the smartest one should answer the riddle and teach him a lesson. So they selected an intelligent pea and made him hang before the pea. The pea saw him and began his story.

Once there lived a girl call Caterina. Everybody call her "Cat". She was very sad with the name and went to the God and prayed. The God appeared before her and asked, "What do you wantmy dear?". Caterina answered, "I want the people who called me Cat to vanish". The wish was granted. When she went out all of the had disappeared. She called the God and asked her to take back the wish.

With this the pea stopped and asked the moral of the story. The smart pea said "Think twice before you do or ask something". The questioning pea was amazed. He was ready to get his head cut. But all other peas told him to be nice to others. The questinoning pea was ahamed and henceforth became a nice pea.