Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Journey matters

Sheela threw her tennis racket down in anger. She could not bear to lose a single match. Tears rushed down as she vowed, "No more sports!!! Never again in my life!!!".  "Oh! dear, take it easy", it was her mom. But she was not ready for her advice.  "My dear, winning is not everything... the journey is more important than destination". But, Sheela was already leaving the place. Her mom shrugged off murmuring "Time must make the things alright".

2 years later ......

"My fitness exam was rather easy, right"? Sheela asked Hema.

"What? Of course not.  Who knows what to do to keep fit? And who cares if I am fit?" Hema replied .

"Well I just wrote about the warm up exercises I do before playing tennis and you should care if you are  fit because it'll keep you healthy'

"Well, I guess you've found a use for things related to tennis other than your trophies huh?" asked Hema. Sheela simply nodded not quite able to believe it herself.

3 years later.....

'Hey we had an essay about sportsmanship.  How it’s not only about winning blah blah blah.  I just wrote what my mom keeps telling me when I lose. I don’t exactly believe it," Sheela  told Mercy.

"Well, why don’t you?" Mercy asked. "What good do you get out of any game except for winning?" Sheela asked.

"You do get a lot of friends due to you playing.  I won’t even know you if I hadn't come over to talk instead of just playing winning and going"

Maybe the essay I wrote was true....Sheela thought, but did not want to give it another thought.

5 years later......

That day she had been to her friend's club for a meet with chief guest Sachin. He gave a nice speech saying that rather than the wins it was the play and the people he met that he enjoyed. It was like an eye opener for Sheela. She wrote in her diary,

Dear diary,

Today I figured out what took me 10 years to figure out.  What I wish I had figured out earlier, what my mom kept saying (guess she is right about this..again).  Yes the journey is what matters, not whether you win or lose. What have I earned other than the trophies that just sit on the shelves doing nothing? Well,a lot, starting with sportsmanship, friend and a lot lot more.  I guess I knew this all along  but took me 10 years to accept.  So I officially accept today what I denied 10 years ago, what matters most in a game is the journey.

She kept the diary safe to be shown to her mom.