Saturday, January 31, 2009

The lost fairy

One day me, my sister and mu friend Nikitha were playing. My parents came and said that, "Children we are going to a function. You stay at home. Lock the door and be safe. Don't watch too much T.V. Instead clean your room", and they went.

It was boring to clean our rooms. So we started watching the T.V. It was 8:00 p.m and we were watching the show "Winx club" and to our surprise the fairy in the T.V came out. We were scared first, but then we became friends.

The fairy said that her name was Flora and she had come from the cloud kingdom. She begged us to take her there. But, we said that we don't have the power to fly. She gave us wings. We all went to the cloud kingdom. On ur way we found the bad fairy. We came to the cloud kingdom without her noticing us.

The fairies in cloud kingdom thanked us and as our reward the queen fairy gave us a power of cleaning for an hour. We went back home and used the power to clean our rooms and the house was clean. Then our parents came home and appreciated us for cleaning the rooms. But, who knows that we met a new friend and she helped us cleaning. We wished she could visit as again.

Note: There is no moral intended in the story. It is just for fun.

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