Monday, August 17, 2009

Princess Elena (Chapter 3 - The Broken Promise)

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Thinking about what Rexona told, the queen forgot her promise made to the GodMother. She cannot be without her child for a day. At this time Rexona was haapy that her plan had been successful. Meanwhile the GodMother was getting ready to take Elena to her cottage.

The GodMother asked the Queen, if she can take Elena now.The Queen answered, "Dear Fairy GodMother, I want her to stay with me. She has to live in a palace only. Please donot take her". The GodMother did not say a word and left the palace hurted.

While the party was done, Rexona again appeared before the Queen and said, "Oh! So you believed me. Thank you Queen" and she again vanished.


RAMG75 said...

Hey ! the baby should be with God until she turns 12 right ?..

RAMG75 said...

Eagerly waiting for next episode.
Happy and Safe Diwali.