Saturday, January 31, 2009

The lion and the five friends

We had to write a story on "Unity is strength" in our school. I forgot the date and never thought about the story. Suddenly, yesterday it was the date to write and I wrote this story on the spot with title "Always together".

Once in a town named Rangapur five friends named Raj, Amar, Sam, Ram and Kumar lived. They were good hunters. Daily they would go to the dark forest for hunting. They would daily capture an animal or two and leave it in the zoo.

They wou each get 200 rupees. But they also wanted t make the people happy. So after their hunting they would gather in the royal stage and acta as clowns. Everyone in the town were happy until one day a lion escaped from the zoo. The lion would eat anyone who went across the forest.

The five friends saw that people were unhappy. They wanted to make them happy and anyway they were hunters. So they went to the forest to hunt the animal. They saw the lion resting in the cave. When it woke up it saw the hunters. It tried to attack them but they were fighting together. The lion was killed.

The friends went back to the town. They were happy as they have made the people happy. They continued their work of hunting and acting to make people happy. They received their reward of one thousand rupees and were very happy

The lost fairy

One day me, my sister and mu friend Nikitha were playing. My parents came and said that, "Children we are going to a function. You stay at home. Lock the door and be safe. Don't watch too much T.V. Instead clean your room", and they went.

It was boring to clean our rooms. So we started watching the T.V. It was 8:00 p.m and we were watching the show "Winx club" and to our surprise the fairy in the T.V came out. We were scared first, but then we became friends.

The fairy said that her name was Flora and she had come from the cloud kingdom. She begged us to take her there. But, we said that we don't have the power to fly. She gave us wings. We all went to the cloud kingdom. On ur way we found the bad fairy. We came to the cloud kingdom without her noticing us.

The fairies in cloud kingdom thanked us and as our reward the queen fairy gave us a power of cleaning for an hour. We went back home and used the power to clean our rooms and the house was clean. Then our parents came home and appreciated us for cleaning the rooms. But, who knows that we met a new friend and she helped us cleaning. We wished she could visit as again.

Note: There is no moral intended in the story. It is just for fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The three foolish friends

Let me tell you a story of three friends who met their end with their wish fulfilled.

Once upon a time, three friends named Bikku, Dikku and Tikku lived in a village. These men were foolish. They wanted to see a lion. So, they set out to the forest.

They did not know how to build a tent and so they hid behind a bush at night. The whole day , they searched the forest but could not find a lion. The next day when they went searching for a lion, they found one sleeping inside a cave.

They were so happy that they didn't even think a minute. They ran to the lion and woke it up. The lion was woken up. It was so angry that it ate them up and had a good meal.

That was the end of the three foolish friends but they were the first three to see a lion in their village.

Moral: Think before you leap