Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Reena and the tigress

Once in India there lived a girl called Reena. She was very intelligent and kind. She liked helping people and also adventures. She daily used to go to meet her friend in the woods.

"Hai Friends", I am Reena. Do you know that I have a friend tigress? Her name is Leela. Do you know how I met her? What? You don't know!!! Let me tell you the story.

"One day I was going to the woods to get some firewood. When I was at the middle of the wood I heard someone crying. When I was at the middle of the wood I heard someone crying. When I went towards that direction I saw a tiger cub crying. It was lost.

I was sad for the cub. My parents won't let me keep it. So with the woods I have collected I made a shelter for it. I was happy then. I called the cub Leela. I said to her that I will meet her daily. She grew into a Tigress soon. After 6 months when I was going to see Leela, I heard some men talking about hunting tigers. They were from England.

When I heard them, I wanted to warn Leela. I went and said to Leela what I heard. But what could Leela do?She can't run through the country to anyother country. So it was up to me. I saw the men laying a trap. I soon understood how the trap works. They dug a pit, then put a cage into it and covered it with leaves and sand. They kept a rabbit on top of it so that when a tiger comes to eat the rabbit it would fall into it.

I had an idea. I found Leela and told her to act as if she was caught by me. We went to the place where the trap was laid. At the end of the trap I stood and Leela acted as I told her to. Then I called out "Uncle, I have caught a tiger". The hunters were so excited that they didn't notice the trap. They fell into it. I asked then "Will you ever hurt any animal". They replied "no" I helped them out and they went back to England promisisng me that they will never hurt any animal"

This is how I got a friend. Oh!!! It is late. I have to go and meet Leela. Bye!!!