Friday, December 19, 2008

From my U.K.G Records


She is verymuch interested in Indian Music and Veda. She enjoys to recite rhymes. She is very much particular in submitting a neat work.

I Term
A smart , enthusiastic and well mannered child who is eager to learn new concepts. She makes a sincere attempt to do her best in all the areas of learning. She comprehends well and is clear and concise in her expression. She is able to recognise sight words and read the sentences very fluently, but needs help while narrating stories. She enjoys taking part in all the class activities and oral discussions. She shares a lot of information with her peers. A good student. She is excellent in dance and in Indian music.

II Term
She has performed very well this term in all the areas of learning. she has a good grasp of concept, basic operation and is able to form words and sentences well. She is good at sight words and reading sentences too. However she needs to improve her vocabulary while interacting with her teachers and peer group.

III Term

Nanthini shows a lot of interest in learning and she is particular in presenting very neat work in her written assignments. She is able to read well but is yet to improve her pronunciation. She is able to do the Maths assignments also well. A helpful and a friendly child who comes forward to talk to her friends and teachers, but she needs to improve in spoken Englsh. She is very good at drawing and colouring

From my L.K.G Records

L.K.G (2003-2004)

Nanthini is very good at drawing and colouring. She enjoys making models and coloring. She enjoys all aspects of learning.

I Term:
Nanthini is an obedient and self-disciplined child who takes great pride in presenting neat and tidy work. She is also sincere and very patient in doing any activity. She comprehends English quite well and has started in the same but habitually lapses into Tamil. She listens to stories with great interest but is yet to narrate the same in English. Her finger control and eye-hand co-ordination are par excellence

II Term
Nanthini comprehends English quite well and has started inititing conversation in the same. She does well in number work, alphabet recognition and in thinking skills. Her finger control and eye-hand co-ordination is extremely good. She has good recitation and recalling ability. A smart child who has shown good improvement in this term

III Term
Nanthini is an obedient child and an earnest one too. Her salient features are her neat presentation of work, yielding readily nature and spontaneous response. Shes is very good in number work, alphabet recognition and in thinking skills too. She recites all the rhymes taught in the class with good actions, intonations and articulations. She narrates stories with good expressions and she accentuates herself to narrate them in English. The overall performance of the child is excellent. Keep it up!

From my mom's records

BORN - AUGUST 15th 1999 (3.5kg) 11:32 p.m Sunday

NAMED - SEPTEMBER 13th 1999 (4:00 p.m) Monday


குப்புற விழுந்தது - OCTOBER 22nd 1999 AT MADURAI (5:00 p.m) Friday

சோறு ஊட்டியது - NOVEMBER 27th 1999 AT GURUVAYUR Monday
முகம் பார்த்தது - JANUARY 14th 2000 Saturday

உட்கார்ந்தது - FEBRUARY 7th 2000 Monday

பேசியது - FEBRAURAY 29th 2000 Tuesday (ஆத்தாத்தாத்தா)

தவழ முயற்சித்தது - MARCH 13th 2000 Monday

கட்டிலைப் பிடித்து நின்றது - MARCH 2000

மொட்டை அடித்து காது குத்தியது - JANUARY 21st 2000 பனையடிப்பட்டி

தனித்து நின்றது - APRIL 5th 2000

"மா" என்று அழைத்தது - JUNE 13th 2000 Tuesday

நடந்தது - JUNE 15th 2000 Thursday

Friday, December 12, 2008

The old Bungalow

Let me tell you a story about a girl who did not listen to her Mother and Father and didn't believe in notices


Once there was a girl called Anita. She lived with her parents at the village which was situated at the hill top. Anita was a clever girl. But she did not listen to her parents and didn't trust notices. In the village there was an old bungalow. No one lived in it and no one entered it. Anita's parents had told her not to enter the bungalow.

One day she went to play with her friends. When she saw that her friends have not yet come, she decided to visit the old bungalow. When she went inside, she started to explore the rooms and things. She thought that she can go back and come afterwards. But she couldn't stop exploring.

She came to a room where an old man was lying tired and hungry. She went inside and asked him, "Sir you look tired and hungry please take some water of mine and some food". The old man ate the food and drank some water and said, "Thank you child..if you need anything, come to me and I will give it". She said "Thank you sir..I must go now..Bye".

Then she went to a room which was shut. She tried to open it but she couldn't. So she thought she can explore it at the last. When she came to it at last, the door opened. When she went inside, she saw scary things. She got a little bit scared. Then she saw something weird. A notice showed "DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX". But she wanted to see what was in it. So she opened it and out of the box came a bad hearted magician.

He said "Ha a cute are you..I am going to give you as a dinner to a giant pet". And out of the box came the big giant. But before it would fully come out, there came the old man whom she had helped from the entrance of the room. He had magical powers. He pushed the giant and its master inside the box and locked it.

Anita said, "If you had not come, I would have been the dinner for the giant now..and from this I understood that we should listen to what our parents say and trust notices". The old man said.."Ha Ha..okay..Don't you want to play with your friends..They will be waiting for you..Bye..".

When she went and told her friends, they didn't believe a word. But from that day onwards, she listened to her parents and trusted notices.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My composition

This is my own composition of my own song "The swing". Thanx chittappa for recording this

Nandhu Own Comp.wa...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't blame others

One day I was eating my breakfast with my friend Prathiksha.She was staying with me for a week.My mother gives us daily a bowl full of vegetables or fruits.Today my mother gave a bowl of vegetables and it was mixed with spinach,radish,onions and tomatoes.

My friend hated these the most. Even I didn't like them, but I had to eat them because my mother had said they are good for your eyes and your health. So I finished it but my friend didn't like it. So she pushed her bowl near my plate when I went to put my bowl in the sink and my mother didn't look. When I came back my mother scolded me for not eating my vegetables and appreciated my friend. I said to my mother that it was not my bowl but she didn't listen.
When my friend saw me crying and my mother scolding me, she stood up and said, "Aunty, she ate her vegetables and I didn't eat mine. I didn't like it so I lied that it was her's.. Sorry Aunty. Sorry Nandhu".

My mother said, "It is OK Prathiksha. Don't do this again Prathiksha. Look, because of your fault I scolded her".
"Sorry Aunty, I won't do it again".
Good now eat your vegetables. "
"Ok aunty"
"Remember don't blame others for your fault. You can get others into trouble."
" OK I will not do it again aunty. This time after I finish my vegetables we will go and play outside Nandhu . Really this time I will only eat it and I won't say a lie that I ate it and you didn't "

Everybody laughed "Ha..Ha..Ha..".
And that's the end of the great story.
Moral: Do not blame others for your fault. You can get others into trouble.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Poem

இது என்னோட முதல் Poem. போன வருஷம் ஏலகிரில ஊஞ்சல் ஆடினப்ப பாடினது...





Thursday, November 13, 2008

என் குரல்

நான் போன வருஷம் சும்மா ஒரு பாட்டு போட்டிக்கு குரல் பதிவு செய்தேன். அதை இப்ப ப்ளாக்ல போடறேன்.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


ஹலோ நான் நந்தினி. எனக்கு இப்ப 10 வயது நடக்குது. என் பிறந்த நாள் சுதந்திர தின நாள். அம்மா ப்ளாக் பத்தி சொன்னாங்க. நானும் கதை சொல்லுவேன், poem எல்லாம் எழுதுவேன். அம்மா இதெல்லாம் எழுதி தூக்கி எறியாமல் பத்திரமா ப்ளாக்ல போட்டு வை அப்படினு சொன்னாங்க. அதான் நானும் எழுதறேன்.