Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Semi and the Cherry King

Semi was a small girl. She lived in a village near Pondicherry. She liked cherries very much. She wanted to eat cherry always. One day when she was playing in her garded, she saw a cherry plant. She was veery happy.

She thought, "Oh! I have a cherry plant and so I can eat cherry daily". So, she started to eat the cherries. This plant really belonged to the cheery king and there was a problem in his Kingdom. He and his subjects believed that only the magical Cherry Princess could save them.

The problem was that at daytime, stones were falling into their Kingdom. It hurt he people. The King wanted to find the Princess. So, when he saw Semi he thought "May be she is the Princess. Let me test her". So he went and talked to her about his Kingdom, him, the Princess and his problems.

Semi asked the King what she should do. The King said, "Go inside the woods. You will find a cherry plant. In that, choose the ripest cherry and bring it to me". Saying this he disappeared.

She followed the instructions and brought the ripest cherry. When the cherry king saw the cherry, he asked Semi to eat it. When she ate it she began to shrink. She was turning into the cherry Princess. She wanted to find out who was throwing the stomes.

At daytime, she was out of the bush and was sitting in the sand so that she could see who was throwing the stomes. After sometime a boy was standing near the bush. It was Semi's younger brother, Martin, He was the one who was throwing the stones while playing.

She went to the cherry King and said what she saw. She asked him to turn her inti her normal size so that she could help. So King changed her into a girl. Then she asked her brother not to throw stones.

The kingdom was saved. The King thanked Semi and said that she could visit anytime she wanted to. As a gift, he gave her a bowl and said , "When you say "Start", cherries will start coming and when you say "stop" it will stop. Semi thanked the King and went home happily.


sindu said...

Suberb..enjoyed till the very end..BTW i am waiting to read the end of "Princess Elena story". Are you going to put that up Nandhini ?

பின்னோக்கி said...

Cherry story is very sweet :-)