Monday, August 17, 2009

Princess Elena (Chapter 2 - Elena's Birth)

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The queen drinks the tonic and gives birth to girl child. Since she was born in Excelena. she was named Elena. Elena was a very intelligent and playful girl. She loved playing with water. She was only a year old, but was very clever.

On her first birthday, the GodMother came to take Elena to her cottage. At that time Rexona appeared before the Queen. Rexona knew that Elena had powers and she is only going to kill her. The GodMother can make her realize her powers at the right time.

Rexoa said to the queen, "My dear queen, your child is very cute and she is also a Princess. How can you send her to a GodMother who lives in a cottage? You keep her with you Queen". Saying so, she vanishes.The Queen gets very confused

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