Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The three foolish friends

Let me tell you a story of three friends who met their end with their wish fulfilled.

Once upon a time, three friends named Bikku, Dikku and Tikku lived in a village. These men were foolish. They wanted to see a lion. So, they set out to the forest.

They did not know how to build a tent and so they hid behind a bush at night. The whole day , they searched the forest but could not find a lion. The next day when they went searching for a lion, they found one sleeping inside a cave.

They were so happy that they didn't even think a minute. They ran to the lion and woke it up. The lion was woken up. It was so angry that it ate them up and had a good meal.

That was the end of the three foolish friends but they were the first three to see a lion in their village.

Moral: Think before you leap


SanJaiGan:-Dhi said...

May i know the moral of the story?

SanJaiGan:-Dhi said...

//Moral: Think before you leap//

oh sorry.. i didn't see this.. :)