Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The haughty pea's story

Once there lived a pea. He used to tell a story to another pea and ask a riddle from the story. If they don't answer it, he would cut them with his sharp stem. None was able to answer him. He would tell a story to whoever is near him.

The peas had a meeting one day. They decided that the smartest one should answer the riddle and teach him a lesson. So they selected an intelligent pea and made him hang before the pea. The pea saw him and began his story.

Once there lived a girl call Caterina. Everybody call her "Cat". She was very sad with the name and went to the God and prayed. The God appeared before her and asked, "What do you wantmy dear?". Caterina answered, "I want the people who called me Cat to vanish". The wish was granted. When she went out all of the had disappeared. She called the God and asked her to take back the wish.

With this the pea stopped and asked the moral of the story. The smart pea said "Think twice before you do or ask something". The questioning pea was amazed. He was ready to get his head cut. But all other peas told him to be nice to others. The questinoning pea was ahamed and henceforth became a nice pea.

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