Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Golden Deer

Once there was a hunter. He went to he forest for hunting. One day he caught a golden deer. The deer said, "Oh! My dear hunter, please let me go. I will give you gold in return". The hunter said , "No need of you to give me gold. I am happy to free you".

After he had freed the deer, it took him to a cave. There were lots of gold there. The deer said, "You can take howmuch ever you want. But howmuch ever you take, the trace of me will go away!!!". The hunter was very kind. He took just the size of the tip of a needle. The deer said, "You are very kind and you can take all the gold". By this he became very rich.

His elder brother came to know of this. He caught the same deer and it took him to the cave. He took all the gold and said to the deer, "This is not enough. I am going to take you also". Thje deer said "Your are so rude. You will become a gold statue and be here for ever." He turned into gold and in my story he is still in the cave of gold.

Deer Deer
Won't you come here
And play with me
For a while
I will give you
Fruit and Vegetable too
That will make you

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