Friday, February 25, 2011

Who is intelligent?

Once in a kingdom called Sloshnia, there was a king. The king always wanted to keep quests to his subjects. One day he called his Minister and said, "Oh! I am very bored. I am going to keep you all a quest. You go and find 3 artists and bring them here." The Ministers brought back three artists.

The King said to them, "You have to draw on a topic. The best one will be given one thousand gold coins". The topic was "The Great". The artists started drawing. When they completed the king went and saw the paintings.

The first one had painted the King. The king asked "Why have you painted me?". The first artist said , "You are very clever and powerful. That is why I drew you". The king was pleased.

He looked at the second artists picture. He had drawn his Kingdom. The King asked him why je had painted that. The artist said , "With you wisdom you rule very will. The Kingdom has become great. That is why I drew it". The king was pleased.

He went to the third artist. It was blank. The king asked , "Why is it blank?". The artist answered, "Your majesty! Nothing is greater than God. He created us and he is everywhere". The King rewarded the third artist.

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