Friday, December 19, 2008

From my U.K.G Records


She is verymuch interested in Indian Music and Veda. She enjoys to recite rhymes. She is very much particular in submitting a neat work.

I Term
A smart , enthusiastic and well mannered child who is eager to learn new concepts. She makes a sincere attempt to do her best in all the areas of learning. She comprehends well and is clear and concise in her expression. She is able to recognise sight words and read the sentences very fluently, but needs help while narrating stories. She enjoys taking part in all the class activities and oral discussions. She shares a lot of information with her peers. A good student. She is excellent in dance and in Indian music.

II Term
She has performed very well this term in all the areas of learning. she has a good grasp of concept, basic operation and is able to form words and sentences well. She is good at sight words and reading sentences too. However she needs to improve her vocabulary while interacting with her teachers and peer group.

III Term

Nanthini shows a lot of interest in learning and she is particular in presenting very neat work in her written assignments. She is able to read well but is yet to improve her pronunciation. She is able to do the Maths assignments also well. A helpful and a friendly child who comes forward to talk to her friends and teachers, but she needs to improve in spoken Englsh. She is very good at drawing and colouring


அதிரை ஜமால் said...

smart நந்தினி ...

வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு

VASAVAN said...

Very Good. Keept it up. Nanthini kutty, when you got time, try to visit my blog. You can find a nice story for kids. Don't forget to drop your comments.