Friday, December 12, 2008

The old Bungalow

Let me tell you a story about a girl who did not listen to her Mother and Father and didn't believe in notices


Once there was a girl called Anita. She lived with her parents at the village which was situated at the hill top. Anita was a clever girl. But she did not listen to her parents and didn't trust notices. In the village there was an old bungalow. No one lived in it and no one entered it. Anita's parents had told her not to enter the bungalow.

One day she went to play with her friends. When she saw that her friends have not yet come, she decided to visit the old bungalow. When she went inside, she started to explore the rooms and things. She thought that she can go back and come afterwards. But she couldn't stop exploring.

She came to a room where an old man was lying tired and hungry. She went inside and asked him, "Sir you look tired and hungry please take some water of mine and some food". The old man ate the food and drank some water and said, "Thank you child..if you need anything, come to me and I will give it". She said "Thank you sir..I must go now..Bye".

Then she went to a room which was shut. She tried to open it but she couldn't. So she thought she can explore it at the last. When she came to it at last, the door opened. When she went inside, she saw scary things. She got a little bit scared. Then she saw something weird. A notice showed "DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX". But she wanted to see what was in it. So she opened it and out of the box came a bad hearted magician.

He said "Ha a cute are you..I am going to give you as a dinner to a giant pet". And out of the box came the big giant. But before it would fully come out, there came the old man whom she had helped from the entrance of the room. He had magical powers. He pushed the giant and its master inside the box and locked it.

Anita said, "If you had not come, I would have been the dinner for the giant now..and from this I understood that we should listen to what our parents say and trust notices". The old man said.."Ha Ha..okay..Don't you want to play with your friends..They will be waiting for you..Bye..".

When she went and told her friends, they didn't believe a word. But from that day onwards, she listened to her parents and trusted notices.


SK said...


Nice written.

But what is the inspiration for the story ??

அமுதா said...

inspiration??? I donot know. Like I got words for the song "Swing" , the story was slowly built in my mind...