Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't blame others

One day I was eating my breakfast with my friend Prathiksha.She was staying with me for a week.My mother gives us daily a bowl full of vegetables or fruits.Today my mother gave a bowl of vegetables and it was mixed with spinach,radish,onions and tomatoes.

My friend hated these the most. Even I didn't like them, but I had to eat them because my mother had said they are good for your eyes and your health. So I finished it but my friend didn't like it. So she pushed her bowl near my plate when I went to put my bowl in the sink and my mother didn't look. When I came back my mother scolded me for not eating my vegetables and appreciated my friend. I said to my mother that it was not my bowl but she didn't listen.
When my friend saw me crying and my mother scolding me, she stood up and said, "Aunty, she ate her vegetables and I didn't eat mine. I didn't like it so I lied that it was her's.. Sorry Aunty. Sorry Nandhu".

My mother said, "It is OK Prathiksha. Don't do this again Prathiksha. Look, because of your fault I scolded her".
"Sorry Aunty, I won't do it again".
Good now eat your vegetables. "
"Ok aunty"
"Remember don't blame others for your fault. You can get others into trouble."
" OK I will not do it again aunty. This time after I finish my vegetables we will go and play outside Nandhu . Really this time I will only eat it and I won't say a lie that I ate it and you didn't "

Everybody laughed "Ha..Ha..Ha..".
And that's the end of the great story.
Moral: Do not blame others for your fault. You can get others into trouble.


SK said...

wow nicely written and nice moral nandhu.. :-)

it works in all level of life..

cute and waiting for more stories like this..

அமுதா said...

Thank you for the encouragement

SK said...

adutha story enna aachu :-)

அமுதா said...

பாருங்க... இப்ப தான் போட்டேன்